1 on 1 physical therapy

Our physical therapy sessions are tailored to your body's needs. By performing initial and ongoing in-depth movement screens, we gain an understand of how your body functions and develop a strategy to progress your movement, reduce chronic pain and make your body stronger than ever before.

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Semi-private PT

1 on 1 training can be expensive. As we ultimately want more people to engage with exercise and build confidence to do more with their physical body, we have create a semi private tuition format, where you get a tailored program and the chance to practice this under intensive supervision over 90 minutes.

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Small group training

Although we focus on the fundamentals of correct movement, we also provide a small set of group training classes for our valued members to get more out of their exercise routine. These include: Core, boxing, TRX and HIIT sessions. Once you have built up the confidence to exercise correctly through PT, we encourage you to join small group sessions to increase your workout frequency and expose their bodies to a variety of resistance.

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The real cost of pain...

At some stage along the way, whether we exercises currently or not, most of us will experience some form of injury, physical trauma and more commonly the onset of chronic pain. These forms of physical restraints can significantly impact our lives as are no longer able to fulfil our day to day activities, which include things we love doing such as: walking the dog or walking/jogging with friends, playing with our kids, doing manual tasks around the house, gardening, carry out our workout routines and more.

Acute treatment through some form of manual therapy will alleviate symptoms temporarily, but these can rarely fix the problem at the source. Only by assessing the body holistically can one begin to rewire the loose connections to regain confidence in their body's abilities.

Nobody really wishes to put up with pain which stops you from performing in your everyday life, as it eventually affects us at the mental and emotional health level. let us help you get back to YOU!

Back pain sufferer

Get moving today...

Why further delay your journey to a stronger, fitter and most importantly pain-free self? Call us today and book in for your complimentary movement screen to see how we can help you reach your goals!


Kate R

"After moving to the area, I tried a couple of gyms before finding Darrell’s studio. I wanted somewhere that would not just help me stay fit but that I would also enjoy going to. And I found it! I actually got more than I bargained for and consider Darrell and the people I’m working out beside my friends. Darrell and team have helped me stay fit and healthy pre, during and post my first pregnancy and I’ll always be grateful for the ongoing difference that makes to not just my own health but also for my baby’s good start in life. I highly value the personalised approach and ability to access tailored personal training and a great mix of classes. Highly recommend!"


Tim L

"My family has been a part of the set up since the gym commenced in the neighbourhood.  Apart from the studio and trainers, latter in particular Darrell and Juan, we have fully bought into the training philosophy of health through movement.  It’s amazing how this regime, simple yet powerful, is applicable to our situation where a teenager and a 50+ year old middle aged adult can benefit having identified the need for instruction and mentoring in this journey to physical and mental well-being.Training programmes never feel repetitive, with new exercises challenging at each session.  A good way of judging diversity is leaving each session satisfied that we’ve sufficiently achieved, yet not remembering specifically the detail of what was done in the session before as new exercises or movements have since “taken over” to increase our awareness of new possibilities.The key benefit is functionality, whether an ageing adult can optimize physical (and mental) performance, or whether a growing teen can generate more power and dynamism for high level sport, with the ultimate aim for all of us to grow and perform sustainably better. We always look forward to sessions in the studio, and view Darrell and Juan as bonded comrades in the quest to become better people."


Nathan T

 Why did you start training? 

Had tried a few other PT’s but a lot of them were focussed on typical standard exercise routines. Squats, deadlifts etc.

Essential health and performance opened me up to realise how important mobility, activation and breath work was. 

I started training with them to work on my hip mobility, reduce back pain and increase my functional movement.

What you enjoy about the services/ trainers/ studio 

They really do tailor their service to you. Thorough fitness assessment at the start, love the phone app they use, so I can train remotely but check in.

All staff and really friendly and very knowledgeable.

Ways in which training with us has affected your life 

1 - Improved my range of motion significantly. Less back pain doing big office hours at work.

2 - broaden my knowledge with a whole range of fun new exciting exercise and given me a positive outlook for future training goals that I don’t think were possible