Tim L 

My family has been a part of the set up since the gym commenced in the neighbourhood.  Apart from the studio and trainers, latter in particular Darrell and Juan, we have fully bought into the training philosophy of health through movement.  It’s amazing how this regime, simple yet powerful, is applicable to our situation where a teenager and a 50+ year old middle aged adult can benefit having identified the need for instruction and mentoring in this journey to physical and mental well-being.


Training programmes never feel repetitive, with new exercises challenging at each session.  A good way of judging diversity is leaving each session satisfied that we’ve sufficiently achieved, yet not remembering specifically the detail of what was done in the session before as new exercises or movements have since “taken over” to increase our awareness of new possibilities.


The key benefit is functionality, whether an ageing adult can optimize physical (and mental) performance, or whether a growing teen can generate more power and dynamism for high level sport, with the ultimate aim for all of us to grow and perform sustainably better.


We always look forward to sessions in the studio, and view Darrell and Juan as bonded comrades in the quest to become better people.

MichelleMichelle KB rows

Michelle Y

I always wanted to get personal training to improve my performance but was too shy to go to a gym. One day, I went to have a bowl of pho and passed by this little shop, so I thought I would email them and enquired about it, and that was how I started my personal training with Darrell in December 2017.

Darrell is really friendly and motivating. He knows my purpose of training is to improve my performance in soccer, so he would customise the workout for me every week depending on my body condition. He also corrected my posture and running technique.. I have been playing sports for my whole life, and not until I started training with him, did I know that I have been walking/ running incorrectly! 

I wear a tracker during my soccer game almost every week. In September 2018, my top sprinting speed was 23km/hr, in May 2019 24.3 km/ hr, and in June 2019, I reached 25.7km/hr top speed. I play as a mid-fielder. I used to be able to cover an average of 8.5 km per 90mins game, but now my average distance is 10km and my best performance was 11.5 km.

Now I have been training with Darrell for almost one and half year, not only he has helped me to become fitter but he has also provided me with a lot of emotional support.


Clair H

"I started training with Darrell because I wanted to strengthen my arms and shoulders, but have been limited by shoulder pain. Previous trainers avoided working the area in fear of discomfort. Darrell has a different approach: do what you can. I consider him both my personal trainer and physical therapist—his knowledge of the human body is bewildering. My biggest take-away from Essential Health and Performance is that everything in the body is related. Darrell’s prescribed daily stretches helped my workouts, posture and wellbeing. For anyone trying to find a trainer who cares and who understands every body movement, Darrell won’t disappoint.  "

Cate R

Cate R


"One year prior to starting training at EHP I had a painful lower back injury. Every time I tried to start training again the injury would flare up, so for a long time I avoided exercise. I decided to try EHP because I liked the idea of a more individualised approach through PT and small group training.

I love training with Darrell because of his focus on functional movement and his understanding of each persons individual needs, not only in terms of the body but also motivation and encouragement. The classes are the right amount of challenging and fun, and Darrell has built a great community of people at EHP who support each other and love to have a laugh.

Since training here I have not had any injury flare ups and I am feeling stronger and more confident again. I also feel motivated to keep training and challenging myself."

Nathan Talbett

Nathan T

Why did you start training? 

I've  tried a few other PT’s but a lot of them were focussed on typical standard exercise routines. Squats, deadlifts etc.Essential health and performance opened me up to realise how important mobility, activation and breath work was. I started training with them to work on my hip mobility, reduce back pain and increase my functional movement.

What you enjoy about the services/ trainers/ studio?

They really do tailor their service to you. Thorough fitness assessment at the start, love the phone app they use, so I can train remotely but check in.All staff and really friendly and very knowledgeable.

How has training with us has affected your life?

I've  Improved my range of motion significantly. Less back pain doing big office hours at work. I've also broadened my knowledge with a whole range of fun new exciting exercise and given me a positive outlook for future training goals that I don’t think were possible 

Thom JonesTom Jones

Thomas J

I started training at Essential Health to get some added strength for my cycling.  I enjoy the trainers they know a lot and are always happy and helpful I’ve learnt a lot from them. The service is great very effective and helpful when it comes to improving as a person and an athlete. The studio is perfect for what I’m doing.

When I started I wasn’t doing any gym of any kind. With the help of my trainer Juan,
I improved rapidly and it helped me win a national title.

Amanda P

Amanda P


"I’m so glad I walked past essential health and decided to call them to sign up for a class. It was the best phone call I ever made! I’ve been going to classes for about a year now and it only took a couple of weeks for me to notice a HUGE improvement in the way I carried myself. I felt stronger, had so much more energy, I was thinking clearer and felt energised and happy. A year later and I feel like I’m a completely new person. I’m able to do things I would never have dreamed possible. I’m not just stronger but so much more flexible and agile. My daughter has so much fun running around a playing with me. I’m setting a good example for her and setting my body to be strong fit and healthy for the rest of my life!"


Fiona M

started training to get fit and stronger. I started at Essential Health as I was tired of big franchise gyms that didn't care if you attended or not.

I enjoy the fact that I'm being trained with correct technique and that the trainers push me to my full potential and motivate me in a fun way. 

Training with Darrell has made me realise things i can do and im training more than ever before because the studio makes you apart of a community and this made myself more accountable about my health and fitness. 

Kate Ross

Kate R

After moving to the area, I tried a couple of gyms before finding Darrell’s studio. I wanted somewhere that would not just help me stay fit but that I would also enjoy going to. And I found it! I actually got more than I bargained for and consider Darrell and the people I’m working out beside my friends. Darrell and team have helped me stay fit and healthy pre, during and post my first pregnancy and I’ll always be grateful for the ongoing difference that makes to not just my own health but also for my baby’s good start in life. I highly value the personalised approach and ability to access tailored personal training and a great mix of classes. Highly recommend!