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1 on 1 Physical therapy

45 minutes - from $65

60 minutes - from $85

available as a Direct debit fortnightly or asĀ packages of 10 sessions

Semi private tuition

Semi private PT

90 minutes sessions valued at $30 per session

4-6 participants

These are also available as a DD or prepaid pack of 5 and 10 sessions.

small group training

Small Group training

45 minutes sessionsĀ 

$18 per class

6-8 participants

We provide a variety of sessions, including core and mobility, TRX strength, HIIT and boxing.

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Move like your body was designed to move.

So many people today suffer from chronic pain as result of their daily routine which in terms affects their permanent posture and they way in which their body moves. By holistically assessing your life, we use proven principles of foundation training, and anatomy trains to rewire your body to feel great and move correctly again. You don't need to put up with pain, nor do you need to exert yourself through outrageous exercise programs which can cause more damage. Let us help you today and build your confidence once and for all.